Friday, December 14, 2018
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Winlock Neighbors Rescue Seven Bald Eagles; Release First Recovered Bird into the Wild

Campbell hold the eagle in her arms for a few long minutes, hoping to allow the young bird to familiarize himself to the surroundings before she lets him go.

WINLOCK — “Building a region where people and wildlife flourish together” is the motto and guiding principle of the Audubon Society of Portland — a lofty goal, to say the least, and a worthy goal. It’s a goal to which the neighbors on rural Harkins Road in Winlock, WA, had already aspired — perhaps without spelling it out, perhaps without even knowing ... Read More »

Winlock’s Veteran’s Day Parade

Better late than never! I had forgotten about this batch of photos until this morning — and for shame! Who could forget about the vets?? Winlock puts on one heck of a Veteran’s Day celebration each year. Here are some of the highlights of the day … Onlookers line the streets of Winlock as the Veterans Day Parade began at ... Read More »

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