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10 Rules of Combat Fishing Etiquette

It takes a coordinated effort for an angler to land a fish along a long line of fisherman. When there is more than one fish on at a time, it becomes a ballet of skill and courtesy.

I spent several days in a on the Cowlitz this week. Some days I only worked my line for a few hours and other days I spent most of my time wading in and out of the water whenever someone hooked a fish and I saw a photo opportunity in the making. I started the week hunting fall Chinook (my ... Read More »

Cowlitz River Fishing Report (3/25/13)

Rick Estes, Adriatic Outfitters< '/a>, put three nice steelies in the boat on Sunday. Take not of the Brad's Roe Bead in the photo, three of the four fish boated (and many more hook-ups) this last weekend where brought in with this gear.

The B-run of winter-fun (sic) steelhead are finally starting to show up in numbers on the Cowlitz River. I talked to a few guides that had some great luck this weekend (and we all know “luck” has more to do with knowledge and preparation than the favor of the fickle Lady Luck). The boats weren’t limiting out in a fast ... Read More »

Cowlitz River Fishing Report (3/5/13)


They’ve been calling this “The Year of the BIG Steelhead.” The B-run of the winter-run steelhead generally run larger than the fish in the early run, that’s a well-known fact. The early run of the winter-run steelhead normally range between 6 and 10 pounds, a big fish in the late run is usually around 15 pounds. This year they are ... Read More »

Cowlitz River Fishing Report (2/4/13)

Cowlitz River, Blue Creek, Dec. 2012

Last week Tacoma Power recovered just six winter-run steelhead, 17 coho adults and four jacks during five days of operations at the Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery separator. Last week’s count was 12 winter-run steelhead and the week before that 24 steelhead came through the separator. The count has gone nowhere but down over the last several weeks. We are still looking for ... Read More »

Cowlitz River Fishing Report (1/28/13)

Cowlitz River, Blue Creek, Jan. 2013

Last week Tacoma Power recovered just 12 winter-run steelhead and five coho adults at the separator. Yup. Seventeen fish. As I walked the banks near Barrier Dam and down at Blue Creek Saturday afternoon I only heard rumors of one steelhead caught at each site that morning. The only fish that I actually saw were the several cutthroat trout hanging ... Read More »

Winter-run Steelheading with Guide Scott Gibson

Matt Russell, Auburn, Winter-run Steelhead

COWLITZ RIVER — For those of you that think of a good days fishing and instantly recall hot summer days spent kicked back in a row boat on a lake with a lazy attitude and six-pack of cold beer, quietly drinking in the scenery and not really caring whether you go home with anything more than a deeper tan — ... Read More »

Steelie Chrome Dreams Come True

Photo by Brandon Mullins. After landing my first buck steelhead I kissed my fish while guide Scott Gibson looked on with a wry grin.

COWLITZ RIVER — Perhaps you have finished your holiday shopping, sent all the cards you intend to send, decorated your house with lights and wreaths, and have even started to partake in holiday cheer by sharing the love of the season with friends and family. Not me. I haven’t even begun any of my holiday chores. Not one. Nothing. I’ve ... Read More »

Recycling Study & 2nd Chance at Steelies

Summer-run Steelhead, Cowlitz River, Barrier Dam, July 2011

An opportunity to actively participate in a study for WDFW and USGS?  Good news. A second chance at catching a steelie? Best. News. Ever. I intend to follow up on this story in greater detail, slated for publication the first week in July. If you catch one of these tagged fish, give me a call: 360-269-5017 — after you call fish biologist Chris ... Read More »

On the Cowlitz (4/6/12)

On the Cowlitz, April 6, 2012

WARNING: Fish Porn Ahead (Proceed with care, all ye Afflicted & Addicted Steelhead Anglers, the following may cause tremors, shortness of breath, weakness of the knees, and then incite you to gear up and join the battle at Washington State’s premier combat fishery.) The Cowlitz River has dropped to from 11,000 cfs (Wednesday) to 9,400 cfs (Thursday) and tonight sits at 7,100 ... Read More »

On the Cowlitz (4/2/12)


Angler reports of success are good to above average in the stretch of the Cowlitz River from the boat launch at Blue Creek to the mouth of the creek. Bank anglers are offering a bobber and jig tipped with sand shrimp on the flats, corky and yarn in the fast water near the mouth of the Blue Creek. “There were ... Read More »

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