Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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Deer Hunting in the ‘Burbs: Urban Archery Seasons Open Across the Country

Deer in the garden

Archery hunters in Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, Arkansas and Minnesota may not have to go far to find their deer this year, some will walk out their back door and climb into a tree stand in their own backyard. These states have all instituted Urban Deer Hunting programs and the trend is spreading. The Arrowhead Bowhunters Alliance started hunting in Duluth, Minnesota, over ... Read More »

Okanogan County limited-entry deer hunt applications due Aug. 14


Hunters have until Aug. 14 at midnight to apply for an opportunity to hunt deer this fall on the 6,000-acre Charles and Mary Eder unit of the Scotch Creek Wildlife Area in northeastern Okanogan County. Hunters can submit an application for the “limited-entry” deer hunt on the WDFW website at http://wdfw.wa.gov/hunting/permits/scotchcreek/  or by contacting the WDFW northcentral region office at ... Read More »

Making Peace with Bambi in Your Garden


Gazing outside your window to see a mother deer and her fawn is a beautiful and peaceful sight — that is until you realize that they are eating your favorite flowers. Watching your landscape investment eaten up by a pair of hungry herbivores — no matter how cute they are — can be a blood-pressure raising event. Unless, like Master ... Read More »

Mom Leaves Baby Unattended

Fawn left behind by its momma on Dianna McLeod's deck

Leave a baby alone? Unattended? For hours at a time? What kind of mother does that?? A very good, responsible, and very deer mother, that’s who. Don’t Fret, Mommie Deer-est Has a Plan Every year at this time, many hikers, gardeners, and landowners will stumble upon a seemingly “abandoned” fawn, huddled in tall grasses or under bushes. And then — all too ... Read More »

Learning to See What’s Really There


Late one night, as I drove home from a Mossyrock High School basketball game, heading down through Harmony, a deer suddenly crossed the road. He crossed it in just two great leaps. It’s not unusual to spot deer crossing the road in the dark on Harmony; in fact, it’s unusual not to see a deer on that drive. But that night, ... Read More »

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