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Cowlitz River Fishing Report (10/07/13)


While there are still some nice fall Chinook coming into the Cowlitz River, the anglers have mainly turned their focus to the coho salmon this week. If you head up to the Barrier Dam, don’t expect to be lonely. The traffic is heavy from the boat launch all the way up to the pool. I fished with guide Rick Estes ... Read More »

Cowlitz River Fishing Report (09/21/13)


In spite of the (what seems like) million times that The Outdoor Line radio show has promoted fishing at the Cowlitz River as “a mixed bag of great fishing all the way up to the Barrier Dam,” it just ain’t so … not yet anyway. At the moment, the flows are low and we could use a good rain. Not ... Read More »

Cowlitz River Fishing Report (09/04/13)


Fall Chinook taken in at the salmon hatchery nearly quadrupled last week — a good sign, a very good sign indeed — and the number of summer-run steelhead making their way to the facility has remained steady. The first coho salmon of the year was seen in the last days of August last year, but I haven’t heard of one coming through yet ... Read More »

Cowlitz River Fishing Report (08/28/13)


I have seen fish caught every day this week at the Barrier Dam, but none by me … unless you count the spring Chinook I foul hooked on Monday (and I don’t count it).  I hooked into a steelhead on Tuesday, but couldn’t get my phone dropped fast enough to set the hook. Take my advice and stay off your ... Read More »

Cowlitz River Fishing Report (08/15/13)


There are those that would really like me to keep my mouth shut about it (the Barrier Dam Pool Boys), but they are catching fall Chinook in the Cowlitz as far up as the Barrier Dam. If you look at the numbers on the Tacoma Power report, you’ll only see one fall ‘nookie in the count, but that was last week. ... Read More »

Cowlitz River Fishing Report (7/15/13)

mini-jack, Barrier Dam, Cowlitz River

Last week Tacoma Power recovered 308 summer-run steelhead, 210 spring Chinook adults, 22 jacks, 484 mini-jacks, three sockeye and one chum salmon during five days of operations at the Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery separator. During the past week Tacoma Power employees released 42 spring Chinook adults and seven jacks into Lake Scanewa above Cowlitz Falls Dam. They released 67 spring Chinook ... Read More »

Cowlitz River Fishing Report (5/20/13)


If you’re thinking about fishing other side of the Cowlitz River at Barrier Dam, think again! Those are closed waters. I was there this afternoon when two guys were visited by our local friendly WDFW enforcement officer. They didn’t have any fish, so they didn’t get a fine for that, but they did spend some time talking with the officer. ... Read More »

Cowlitz River Fishing Report (5/7/13)

Paul pulls up a chrome-sided jack at the Barrier Dam on May Day.

The Cowlitz River took a one day dip down to 6,490 cfs on Sunday and is back up to 10,200 cfs today. With the release of new smolt (I heard a new batch of coho went out on Friday) and the possibility of Spring snowpack melts flooding the waterways, the Cowlitz River has been a roller coaster of highs and ... Read More »

Cowlitz River Fishing Report (4/8/13)


I told you the steelhead were picking up last week, they took in almost 200 more winter-run steelhead this week than the week before. I hear tell a lot of steelies came through the hatchery this morning, although none were caught at the Barrier Dam. Springer fishing is still slow, slow, slow. Last week Tacoma Power recovered 561 winter-run steelhead and ... Read More »

Cowlitz River Fishing Report (4/1/13)


This is no joke (considering the day this report is filed on), angling reports are improving on the Cowlitz River. Yeah, the usual applies: “You’ve got to put in your time, know what to use, or know where to go or what guide to go with.” But, those in the know, those putting in the time, those with the right ... Read More »

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