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Birding at the Barrier Dam on the Cowlitz River

Great Blue Heron, Barrier Dam, Cowlitz River

You don’t have to step one foot in the water or even bring your fishing rod to enjoy the Barrier Dam area of the Cowlitz River, where fishing is often an entertaining spectator sport. There is also a great variety of interesting birds to watch: Great Blue Herons, Bald Eagles, Belted Kingfishers, American Dippers, gulls and other LBJs (little brown jobs) ... Read More »

10 Rules of Combat Fishing Etiquette

It takes a coordinated effort for an angler to land a fish along a long line of fisherman. When there is more than one fish on at a time, it becomes a ballet of skill and courtesy.

I spent several days in a on the Cowlitz this week. Some days I only worked my line for a few hours and other days I spent most of my time wading in and out of the water whenever someone hooked a fish and I saw a photo opportunity in the making. I started the week hunting fall Chinook (my ... Read More »

Cowlitz River Fishing Report (2/4/13)

Cowlitz River, Blue Creek, Dec. 2012

Last week Tacoma Power recovered just six winter-run steelhead, 17 coho adults and four jacks during five days of operations at the Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery separator. Last week’s count was 12 winter-run steelhead and the week before that 24 steelhead came through the separator. The count has gone nowhere but down over the last several weeks. We are still looking for ... Read More »

Dam Fine: Barrier Passes Inspection


When the City of Tacoma announced the inspection of the Cowlitz River Barrier Dam at the Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery near Salkum two weeks ago, they warned us that they would lower the river on Tuesday, Sept. 4, to 2,500 cfs and then on Wednesday to 2,000 cfs. They said that the low river flow may continue for as many as ... Read More »

On the Cowlitz (4/6/12)

On the Cowlitz, April 6, 2012

WARNING: Fish Porn Ahead (Proceed with care, all ye Afflicted & Addicted Steelhead Anglers, the following may cause tremors, shortness of breath, weakness of the knees, and then incite you to gear up and join the battle at Washington State’s premier combat fishery.) The Cowlitz River has dropped to from 11,000 cfs (Wednesday) to 9,400 cfs (Thursday) and tonight sits at 7,100 ... Read More »

Cowlitz River at Barrier Dam, Late Oct. 2011

I sent in a big batch of photos for this week’s feature on the Cowlitz River at the Barrier Dam, but only one was printed due to the amount of space of the advertising (I’m not complaining — much — I LOVE me some advertisers!), so I held off on posting the pics from my 5th day in a row ... Read More »

Cowlitz River Reg Change Reminder

There’s a lot of confusion out on the river about limits. If you are in doubt, call the WDFW hotline, Region 5, to get the latest update, 360-966-6211. And if you are STILL in doubt, call the office, 360-696-6211. The real key to keeping up with the rules and regs changes is NOT to listen to the guy on the ... Read More »

A Bright Day on the Cowlitz

It was a good crowd on the river at the Barrier Dam today (unlike yesterday, what a mess!). There was a lot of action, but not too many keepers were hauled onto the banks today. There were a few exceptions to the rule, however. This, my friends, is what a bright and shining silver salmon looks like. (Just in case ... Read More »

Fish! Coming Down!

“Fish! Coming down!” Words that never fail to turn my head, fill me with excitement and frustrate me, all at the same time (simply because I’m not the one yelling “Fish on!”). I counted 35 anglers in the water last night on our little stretch of the Cowlitz River at the Barrier Dam last night. When I took the photo ... Read More »

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