12 basic rules of Life & Candy Crush

Candy CrushIn the past I have ranted on the sins in our new world of Facebook (see Facebook Meme Saturation and Candy Crush-Ing Me: An Addiction, a Confession & An Apology). But this time I’m taking a different tack, I’m exploring what is right and good about my (sometimes obsessive) game playing.

The following is a list of my Rules of Awareness — for Life and for Candy Crush:

1.  If we always won on the first try, it wouldn’t be as fun when we finally succeed. Losing is for winners.

2.  We learn through trial and error. Our mistakes don’t make us weak, they make us better, stronger, more aware and more agile.

3.  Sometimes what we think is a gift is really a distraction, which leads to …

4.  Sometimes we can be so focused on the objective on which we think we need to be focused that we miss the opportunities right in front of us.

5.  Never, never, never give up. Just when you think all is lost, a pathway can suddenly open up that will lead you are right where you need to be.

6.  A shortcut to success is rarely worth it, it will always cost you in the end.

7.  Don’t be scared to take it to another level and up your game, because …

8.  Change, variety and surprise is what it’s all about. Diversity and discovery is interesting, challenging and produces moments of rapid growth.

9.  “The End” doesn’t mean it’s all over, it’s the first sentence of a new beginning.

10.  Some of the best moments happen when we thought we hadn’t a chance and we pulled through in the end.

11.  And when that sweet, sweet moment of victory finally does arrive, don’t be surprised when you are on your own in reveling in the moment and don’t let that fact steal away your joy.

And last, but certainly not least —

12. Friends are essential. They there to help when you need a little boost, they can be especially helpful if they’ve been there before and can give you a few tips (or at least a little comfort when the going gets rough), AND a little friendly competition along the way adds to the fun.


  1. #11 is especially critical. Yes, joy is sweeter when shared, but some joys can be savored just fine alone.

  2. I love your list! You know, in real life it’s especially important to enjoy what’s right in front of you because it seems like the end goal keeps changing anyway!

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