YOU do it

YOU do it

My three-year-old grandson loves to play games on my iPhone. I have an entire screen full of games just for him. Whenever he sees me his face lights up and he shouts “Gamma!!” and grins like all get out. My grandmother’s heart melts into a joyous puddle — even as he holds out his hand, waiting for me to place my phone into it so he can run off into a secluded corner and immerse himself in the games.

After a while, he will emerge from his gaming trance and cuddle up so I can watch him play. Sometimes, when he gets frustrated and can’t “beat duh leh-bul,” he’ll hand the phone over to me saying, “Gamma, YOU do it! You do it, Gamma, YOU do it! I can’t do it.”

I thought of those moments today as I was in morning prayer.

“… Lord, keep this nation under your care; and guide us in the way of justice and truth. Let your way be known upon earth; your saving health among all nations. Let not the needy, O Lord, be forgotten; nor the hope of the poor be taken away …” ~Suffrages A, Book of Common Prayer

Suddenly, as I pictured the scene of my grandson asking me to play his game for him, I thought, “God, YOU do it! You do it, God, YOU don’t forget the needy or the poor. YOU do the whole justice and truth thing. I can’t do it!”

As I pictured that scene in my head my voice was just as childish and frustrated as that of my young grandson.

I wonder how often it is when we say “Let go and let God” what we actually mean is “YOU do it — cuz I don’t want to take responsibility for my part in it anymore.”


  1. Funny–this didn’t go where I thought it would. In my world right now, “YOU do it!” means I’ve given it everything I have, there’s nothing left of me but a puddle. I was thinking about reliance on God when we are so tempted to try to shoulder our burdens alone.

    But you’re absolutely right. There are probably more times when we just want to chuck it all into God’s lap, not because we’re unable, but unwilling to do the work.

    Great reflection.

  2. I wonder how often God hears us as petulant children? I know He hears me pitch fits more often than should be allowed. I am guess that is ok on occasion, for surely, I am His child.

  3. And isn’t the surrender the part that makes us authentically human… I never want to think I have it all figured out, do you? xo

  4. I don’t know why life has to be so complicated. It’s like at work where we’re expected to make informed health care choices. I want someone to just tell me where to sign up – I don’t want to think!

    But no, we have to think & consider & do right, and trust in the end that what we do & what God does will be enough… (and I’m in such a lethargic period of life that the word “do” seems like more than I can bear!)

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