Remarkable Children (Part Two)

If you didn’t read the end of yesterday’s post, I understand, but if you didn’t read it all the way through then you missed the most important point of post. So here it is again:

God asked me to tell you today how very remarkable you are. You are strong and you are beautiful and you are smart and you are so very capable. You are his child, you are a very remarkable child, and he loves you very, very much.

Just as I communicate my love and support to my children in many different ways — texting, Facebook messaging and posts, emails, and phone calls — God communicates his love and support to me in many different ways.

His love is in the blue skies and the call of a bull elk at dawn. His love is in the people of my parish who love me and support me. His love is in the cold nose of Buddy the WonderDog as that tickles my neck as he leans in for a cuddle. His love is in his Word. His love is in the prayers of the Daily Office and in the silence of meditation. His love is everywhere around me, all the time.

And I show my love to God by appreciating the beauty of the world that he created. I show my love to God in loving his people. I show my love to God as I care for his creatures, my dogs and the wild birds. I show my love to God through prayer and meditation and the reading of his Word. I show my love of God in everything that I do and in everything that I am.

Is it a perfect love? Not my love, for I am not perfect. But God’s love is perfect. For like any good mother loves her son, with all her heart and mind and soul, God loves us. He loves us even when we are mad at him, when we don’t call upon him, and when we do what he has asked us not to do.

You are my Remarkable Child, God says.

And just as a mother hopes her daughter hears her words of love and adoration, God hopes that you and I will hear his words and see the gifts he has given us and take them to heart. When we change the way we look at ourselves, the world changes. When we live as though we are loved and when we believe we are Remarkable Children of God, the world is a better place.

So make the world a better place today, and know that You Are Loved.


The Remarkable Children of my home parish. Aren't they beautiful?!

The Remarkable Children of my home parish. Aren’t they beautiful?!


  1. Right backatcha, dear one! xoxo!


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