The Big Breakup Heartache


I finally decided that our relationship just wasn’t working out for me and we’ve broken up. I was in love, I was dedicated to our relationship, but the cost had become too high and I couldn’t hold up my end of the relationship anymore.

That’s right, DISH network and I have broken up. We’re kaput.

Yes, I miss him. I know that there are new programs in the fall lineup, programs that my would enhance my life and leisure time — but they wouldn’t enhance my spiritual journey. Besides, what kind of self-respecting hermit has satellite TV?? Hermits exclusively use Netflix (or so I am told).

” … store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal; for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” ~Matthew 6:20-21

I have made so much progress in my journey of silence — at least by day — but by night? No, my nights were filled with television.

I’m not saying TV is evil, not at all, but it had become an evil distraction for me. I had become attached to storylines and fictional characters and attached to the mind-numbing entertainment.

Still, like that boyfriend that treated you badly and you just couldn’t let go, I miss him … but I’m glad he’s gone.

My heart will heal. ♥


In the meantime, I am reading this series of posts by Carl McColman and I’d encourage you to visit his website. This was from yesterday’s meditation:

“I think many non-contemplatives see the kind of voluntary simplicity and austerity that many contemplative monastics and solitaries have embraced, and have wondered if contemplation is somehow a form of self-punishment, of self-denial. But contemplatives themselves do not see it that way. The simplicity is not a punishment, but rather a liberation. As Williams said, it’s about freedom. First of all, the radical freedom to be one’s own authentic self. But beyond there, the freedom to relate to others (and to the earth) with integrity, simplicity, and honor.” ~

And this from today:

“Contemplative practice cultivates inner transformation, at a level deeper than words or thought. It is a process of lovingly giving ourselves to God, so that we may love like God loves, see as God sees, and respond as God responds to the world in which we find ourselves. Obviously this does not happen overnight! Re-formation in Christ takes a lifetime. But every step on the journey brings us closer to our goal. Getting only halfway up the mountain still will completely transform our view. If we want to have any hope of bringing authentic transformation into a culture that has so thoroughly sold itself to the love of money, then contemplation is not only a necessary first step, but a necessary ongoing part of the journey — every step of the way.” ~

Now go, read the rest of it, starting here. ♥

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  1. I would love to break up with cable TV (we also view Dish), but we have no internet worth speaking of out here so Netflix is out. Besides, Taciturn would never hear of it. He uses TV to numb out.


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