A Cushion for Your Head, Dear Warrior

For the past few weeks the Song Sparrow has been my bird of focus.

At this time of year, this normally shy, bush-hiding sparrow turns into a territory-defending bully of a songster. He flies from high perch to high perch, and — through song singing, with wings waving and feather puffed up  — he threatens to put a “beat down” on any bird brave enough to challenge his authority.

His constant on-guard and ready-for-battle mode must be exhausting.

I wonder, when the nest is built and the eggs are ready to be laid, is he able to take a break from the stress and worries of his life? Or does that battle rage on until the chicks have grown and flown away?

I have been caught up in battle recently, defending my territory. I will continue that battle, but not this week.

This week is Holy Week.

I have another battle to fight. A battle that is more important than merely defending what I believe to be My Territory.

It is a battle I cannot fight with sword and shield, nor can I overcome the enemy with words. This battle is within myself.

There is a wall between myself and God that I must break down. I built it, I can take it down. Maybe not today, maybe not even next year or even in ten years — but, brick by brick, I can take down that wall.

Breaking down the wall isn’t easy. And yet, it is the easiest thing we will ever do — because all we have to do is BE.  This enemy, The Wall, can be fought. But only by giving in and giving up the battle.

By allowing what already IS to just BE.

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