Live Without Thought of Dying

I took this photograph yesterday afternoon as I sat in the middle of the South Pond in my backyard in the ever-moving stillness of a small, wide-bottomed aluminum boat. I called for Marsh Wrens to come closer, watched Song Sparrows in high perches singing territorial songs and hoped for a closer look at the glowing-red epaulettes of the Red-winged Blackbird — looking for large glories and longing to feel the wonder of the wilderness.

But in the end it was this tiny snail (for it was no larger than the tip of my thumb) that caught my attention.

When I get caught up and captured by the trials of daily living, when Fear threatens to take my breath away, I try to remember what a beloved boss had once told me: “Go outside. Take a deep breath. Look around. Then, when you’re ready, go back inside and get back to work. You can do this.”

Yes, I can. I can do this.

With God’s help, of course.


  1. This is beautiful – and so true. Breathing, sitting in the sun – these will make life ok again…

  2. Ahhhh yes. Big sigh. With help. Of course.

  3. Hope you are getting the appropriate amount of quick fresh-air timeouts. With where you live, you should be able to really decompress with a short hike to your ponds. When you really consider all that is possible in life, you are blessed beyond measure.

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