Posts made in December, 2011

Effacement: It’s Not About Me

Is a golden gun.
It was not easy to hold it against my head
And fire!

I needed great faith in my Master
To suffocate myself
With his holy bag
Full of truth.

I needed great courage
To go out into the dark
Tracking God into the unknown

And not panic or get lost
In all the startling new scents, sounds,

Or lose my temper
Tripping on those scheming
Night and day around me.

Effacement is the emerald dagger
You need to plunge

Deep into yourself upon
This path to divine

Upon this path
To God.

~The Great Poet and Sufi Master, Hafiz


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Making a Comeback …

I haven’t posted on this blog for over six months. I’ve been away. I’ve been sitting in the dark and silence. Sitting inside the cocoon of my own personal Advent.

Waiting. Waiting for the Love to arrive.

It’s here.

I’m so glad.

No need for explanations. I’m not even sure I could explain it to you if you told me you really needed to know.

But I do know this: the Love never left, but I didn’t see it.

Maybe I didn’t want to see it. Maybe I couldn’t see it. Maybe it was a combination of both.

It doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that I’m ready to continue my journey … well, maybe not ready, but at least willing.

And that’s something.

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