Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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Making Peace with Bambi in Your Garden


Gazing outside your window to see a mother deer and her fawn is a beautiful and peaceful sight — that is until you realize that they are eating your favorite flowers. Watching your landscape investment eaten up by a pair of hungry herbivores — no matter how cute they are — can be a blood-pressure raising event. Unless, like Master ... Read More »

Black Bears: They’re Awake, Hungry, Don’t Feed Them


Spring has sprung early this year, causing the bears to awaken early from their winter nap. State wildlife managers would like to remind you, “Don’t feed the bears!” Rich Beausoleil, bear and cougar specialist for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), said field staff have already received reports of black bear activity in North Bend, Issaquah and Chelan ... Read More »

Mom Leaves Baby Unattended

Fawn left behind by its momma on Dianna McLeod's deck

Leave a baby alone? Unattended? For hours at a time? What kind of mother does that?? A very good, responsible, and very deer mother, that’s who. Don’t Fret, Mommie Deer-est Has a Plan Every year at this time, many hikers, gardeners, and landowners will stumble upon a seemingly “abandoned” fawn, huddled in tall grasses or under bushes. And then — all too ... Read More »

The Dark Side of Mother Nature, Our Nature, Their Nature

Common Ravens, May 2012, Silver Creek, WA

As all avid hunters already know, taking on the study of Nature isn’t a walk in the park filled with tweeting songbirds, frolicking bunny rabbits, playful deer, and bashful skunks smelling of perfume. Nature in the real world has very little in common with the Disney movie “Bambi.” (Including the fact that Bambi’s daddy was obviously an elk, something my ... Read More »

Elk Shake, Battle, Graze & Laze in the Rain

As the lead cow moved from the back to the front of the herd she came upon some two-year bulls that weren't moving fast enough for her liking.

If you’d like to see more great (or not so great) photos like this one taken this morning, “like” my Facebook page and you can see a new one (almost) every single day. From first light this morning until early afternoon the local herd of elk grazed, lazed, battled and played in my backyard. Read More »

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