Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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One Day of 3-day Eventing at Caber Farm


I traveled to Caber Farm in Onalaska on Saturday to watch the cross country portion of the three-day eventing competition — a triathlon for horses and their riders. I was greeted warmly by everyone I met; they answered my questions readily and explained every detail. I couldn’t imagine a friendlier group of horse enthusiasts. The next event, the Area VII ... Read More »

Back Country Horsemen

Ray Holdt pauses to take a photograph of his father, Lance, as they stop to water their horses at Packwood Lake in the Cowlitz Valley vicinity of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest Saturday afternoon. This father and son pair are working their way around Packwood Lake Trail #78 along with the other members of the Lewis County Back Country Horsemen, clearing brush and pushing logs off the trail. Pack mule Ringo Starr smiles for the camera as Cory Marsh, 12, McCleary, keeps as close eye on him while his dad, Randy, gets his line rigged for fishing. Johnson Peak sits at the end of the lake off in the distance.

Accompanied by the courage I am inspired to feel whenever I can hide behind my camera lens and reporter’s notepad, I’m able to walk into almost any situation, stick my nose in where it normally wouldn’t belong and say, “Hey, what’s going on around here?” I love my job, it takes me to amazing places. Saturday I took a ride ... Read More »

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