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Hunting Poodles: Pretty and Practical

Hunting Poodle

When I heard that Uncle Si of Duck Dynasty had bought himself a standard poodle for hunting, my first thought was “That’s reality TV for ya, pretty dang unreal.” So when I heard that I was to play host for a gathering of poodles and their owners in my own backyard, I thought, “I gotta see this!” This group was on their ... Read More »

Dual Purpose Dog: Lucie Labrador


Six months ago, Lucie the Labrador retriever was found alone and near death from starvation, wandering the streets of Yakima. At the same time in Salkum, Jay Pattee was sitting in his home, looking for a dog on the Internet. “I hit this site called Res Q Angels. They’re in Yakima. I saw Lucie’s picture and called right away,” said ... Read More »

Kosmos Release Site, Pheasant Hunting Fun


Remington and Hoover: a boy named after a gun manufacturer and a bird hunting dog named after a vacuum cleaner. When I heard that those two were teaming up for the youth pheasant hunt weekend at the Kosmos site east of Morton, I couldn’t help but giggle at what I sincerely hoped would be a prophetic pair of names. It ... Read More »

Dog’s Best Friend at the Beach & in the Field


On the Beach at Grayland Last night at 11 p.m. my daughter and I made a spur of the moment decision to drive to the beach to catch the super full moon setting over the water, the last razor clam dig of the season, and shot photos of people and their best friends in the surf. We left at 3 ... Read More »

Bird Dog Dreaming: English Labradors

The cover of Garden & Gun (December/January issue) featuring a Wildrose Kennels English Labrador.

My momma and daddy have raised and owned German Wirehaired Pointers for almost 35 years. My daddy’s daddy raised and field trialed Walker Foxhounds. My mother’s daddy and his German Shepherd, Buck, were a famous pair in their farming community. Having dogs is just something we do in my family … and we don’t just have dogs, we’re crazy about ... Read More »

Pheasant Caught … Twice at NAVHDA Test


In the first NAVHDA Natural Ability pheasant tracks of the day, we had a little excitement. The dog found the bird without a problem (and BTW, that’s not a small dog, that’s a HUGE pheasant) and was bringing it back when … … the rooster got away. The pair dashed past the handler, straight towards the judges … … where ... Read More »

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