Swofford Pond in August

Wood Duck, juvenile

Wood Duck, juvenile

Swofford Pond (located outside of Mossyrock) is as warm as bathwater in August and as full of green growth and gunk as bathwater as the Bigfoot bathwater after it has sat stagnant for a few months, BUT it’s still a beautiful place and one of my all-time favorites. There are lily pads nearly EVERYWHERE, except where the channel flows through.

My granddaughter, a friend and I paddled halfway across the pond yesterday. We encountered a lovely family of Mallard Ducks (with no drakes in sight, btw, the hens raise their broods on their own) and a few scattered Wood Ducks (who flushed as soon as we started to approach their feeding grounds, typical of Wood ducks). I was able to get one (somewhat decent, but still disappointing) shot of a juvenile Wood Duck, my first capture of a juvenile.

We fished for a bit, but didn’t have any luck. The wind and pull of the waves made it difficult for both my granddaughter and I to keep our lines in the water at the same time, so I steered and tried to keep us steady while she fished.

The following is a small gallery of photos from our trip, click on any photo to bring up the gallery.

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