Thursday, June 22, 2017

Working on Pentecost Sunday morning

As the banner is now, on my design wall.

As the banner is now, on my design wall.

Yet another Pentecost Sunday is here and I haven’t finished the Pentecost banner yet. But I’m inspired this morning.

Folding back the side edges by half a block, suddenly it all starts to make sense. I think now all it needs is another half-block on top, giving the middle yellow circle an orange peak — but I will not know for sure until I get into my studio and work.

A “good” Sister-in-training would probably go to church this morning and then come home to work on it this afternoon.

But, as well all know — and love me for it, surely 🙂 — I am NOT a “good” Sister-in-training.

And, I am on fire right NOW and do not want to wait another hour (or four!) to begin the conversation with — dare I say it? — the Holy Spirit.

The banner with the sides and part of the bottom folded back, revealing a different view.

The banner with the sides and part of the bottom folded back, revealing a different view.

Last Sunday, in the very middle of service, my mind suddenly flew to the Pentecost banner. I grabbed up my phone to try and find a photo of the work-in-progress so I could get its image in my mind. It was a moment of inspiration — a pull so strong that I could not, would not let it go.

But as I scrolled through this website, looking for an image, I became very self-conscious. Here I was, in church, with my iPhone in my hand. I’m sure it looked as though I was sending texts in the middle of the gospel hymn. My mother turned her head to give me “that look” that mothers all know how to give — and I deserved that look.

But I think — no, I KNOW and it’s one of the very few things about God that I am quite certain of, in fact — that OUR rules are not the same as God’s rules.

So, today I stay home from church to work — this said just as I see my parent’s driving by my house while on their way to church — and I think that’s the right thing for me to do today. “Good” Sister-in-training or “bad,” it is who I am and what I choose.

Ascention Day banner.

Ascention Day banner.

By the way, the Pentecost banner was started a few months after I finished the Ascension Day banner (May 2009).

The season of Pentecost immediately follows the ten-day season of Ascension, the banners were meant to follow after each other in design also.

The Ascension banner’s blues indicating a heavenly rising, the reds of the Pentecost banner portraying the fires of the Holy Spirit.

You can read about the “Journey to Ascension” here.

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  1. You are absolved. It will be simply gorgeous when the spirit in you finds that grand finish!!

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