Thursday, November 23, 2017

New Eyes for Contrast & Shape

While I’m working on a design I take a lot (a LOT lot) of photographs with my Nikon and my iPhone camera. I do use some of the photographs to document the design process — which is like a bread crumb trail that can help lead me back to where I took the wrong turn in the journey — but ... Read More »

Working on Pentecost Sunday morning

Yet another Pentecost Sunday is here and I haven’t finished the Pentecost banner yet. But I’m inspired this morning. Folding back the side edges by half a block, suddenly it all starts to make sense. I think now all it needs is another half-block on top, giving the middle yellow circle an orange peak — but I will not know ... Read More »

Kismet? Serendipity? Fate? Call it what you will …

… I still call it a God Thing. I happened to look back at an old post (Jan. 2011) yesterday and see the very same fabrics and orphaned blocks — all on one blog post — that I had never intended to put together into one quilt, and yet, here they are all on one quilt. I have always been and ... Read More »

Explosion of Teal Love

The quilted gift, Explosion of Teal Love, is finally finished. And yes, I realize that the photo here doesn’t show the quilt in all of its Teal Glory. But we have had a week of wind and rain and grey days and looking ahead I see we have another week of the same. The teal and fushia colors on this ... Read More »

The Final Blessing

I have grieved and protested and procrastinated for 5 months over the idea of sending this quilt away to its new home. Today I quilted it and sewed on the binding. I am now taking the time to tack it down by hand. I often machine stitch my bindings down, I haven’t the patience for the long hours of tacking ... Read More »

A Color Palette by the Angels: Raphael & MerDog

Wednesday afternoon I stopped by my favorite local fabric shop, Sister’s, to see if I could find just that right shade of bright greenish-blue. For some strange reason I didn’t have one single cut of the right color in my stash of hundreds of 1/3 yd. cuts. Imagine that! (It’s probably because I use them up first, I realize after ... Read More »

Things Done and Undone

NOTE: I have determined that one of my Lenten disciplines is to blog for 40 days and 40 nights. Blog in the morning at the Almost Daily Office, blog in the evening at the Almost Daily Artist. We’ll see how that goes. Y’all know how good I am at self-discipline … From the Book of Common Prayer, the Confession of ... Read More »

Are there any other Crazy Quilters that get sad when …

… when you are sewing together the last of your blocks and it’s time to start sewing rows together? I do. I always do. And for some silly reason I’m surprised each and every time. This quilt is for a special friend that has stage 4 breast cancer (prayers appreciated). She started chemotherapy this morning. Her favorite color is a ... Read More »

Building the Flames

I have a large collection of cool-colored batiks — blues, greens and purples — but my store of hot reds, oranges and yellows is much smaller. I stopped by Sister’s Fabric Store yesterday to add to my stash. Of course, I couldn’t resist picking up a new stack of greens and blues for my next kaleidoscope quilt. Aren’t they all delicious?! ... Read More »