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iBird: a Light as a Feather Field Guide

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Summary : Create a list of favorite birds, a slideshow of your own photos, take notes with date and place included, create a life list. Fast, reliable and frequently updated.

iBird AppREVIEW — There is a version of the iBird app available for almost any mobile device or smart phone on the market: Android phone or tablet, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, Windows 8, or Kindle.

There are also several versions of the program, including a Western species specific guide. Prices range from $29.99 down to $4.99, depending on where you buy it and the features of the program.  You can download a free version of the program, iBird Lite, and take it for a spin before you lay down the cash for the full-size app.

Inside the iBird there are as many as 926 species of birds (830 species in iBird West, on sale now for just $6.99). Each bird listing includes a range map, an illustration of the bird, multiple photos, a list of identifying characteristics, fun facts, and conservation status. Each species also has a list of links where you can travel directly from the app and into Internet birding sites, such as Birdipedia, or you can surf over to a Flickr site and view hundreds of photographs of the specific bird you are interested in.

You can also listen to the various chirps, titters and songs of each species — my favorite feature of the app.

Does the bird you’re looking at look like another bird you know? Click on the “Similar” button and view a list of look-alike birds to compare.

iBird is more than just a field guide, you can also upload your own bird photographs into the application and create a slideshow of your photos, complete with bird sounds coordinating with each individual species.

You can also make notes on sighting while in the field, and manage multiple checklists and sight listings.

The file size is rather large (558mb for the West version for iPhone), but the program is fast, easy to use and the iBird creators are constantly working to improve the program and keep it up to date. I use this app on my iPhone nearly every single day of the year. Try it, you’ll like it!

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