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Skydive! Toledo: the Thrill of Featherless Flight

TOLEDO — I declared Saturday an unofficial “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” and hitched a ride with my dad (aka Lt. Col. USAF, Ret.; United Air Lines Capt., Ret.; Grandfather, PopPop, Daddy … Sir), Ed Carlson Memorial – South Lewis County Airport manager Larry B. Mason, to his workplace.

He worked, I played.

It was a beautiful day and Toledo boasts some of the most beautiful prairie land in the state, where else would I rather be? (Well, other than fishing the Cowlitz River, of course.)

Airport traffic was light, but steady. Skydive! Toledo was in full swing, sending jumpers into the air every 30 to 60 minutes.

What Color is Your Parachute?

Spectacular Views

Skydive! Toledo is one of the United States oldest continually running parachute centers and the oldest in Washington State.

“Come and see seven Pacific Northwest volcanoes from altitude as you skydive in beautiful Washington State,” the website boasts.

On a clear day, they easily live up to the boast.

I can only imagine (from memory)  just how spectacular the view is from up in the air, but I’m well acquainted with the stunning view from the end of the runway.

Are You Ready to Take a Flying Leap?

Skydive! Toledo is open Friday from noon until dark, Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 until dark. Check their website or Facebook page for the latest news and current seasonal operating hours.

Heather Whittaker, owner, Skydive! Toledo, enjoys a few moments in the sun at the edge of the drop zone at the Toledo Airport on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Skydive! Toledo offers three different training methods to get you in the air — the traditional static line jump, the tandem skydive, or the AFF training program.

A static line is basically a 10-ft long ripcord. One end is attached to the aircraft, the other to your parachute. When you exit the airplane, the parachute is opened automatically.

In the tandem skydive, you are buckled to the instructor with a specially designed parachute built for two people.

The Accelerated Freefall (AFF) program allows to you experience free fall on your first jump with your own parachute.


About the author: Kimberly Mason is a freelance writer and Outdoors enthusiast who lives in southwest Washington state.  Contact her at kim@almostdailynews.com.

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