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Readers’ Photos: Of Snowy Owls, Herons & Wood Ducks

Dawn McHugh visited Ocean Shores and the Nisqually area recently and has been kind enough to share her photos with us. I am ever so jealous of these shots!!

The following photos are hers, and I have included the text of the email she sent along with them:

“Kimberly: We went to Damon Point at Ocean Shores. We had to walk about 2 miles on the beach to the point. It is on the backside of Ocean Shores. …

“It was so much fun and a very lovely beach … lots of big logs and interesting driftwood. We were there for about an hour. The younger owls seemed to be more weary of people and flew away. …

“Someone actually brought their dog with them … [Editor’s note: That’s absolutely SHAMEFUL behavior!!!]and I am sure the owls were frightened of it. The real white owl allowed people to come closer. …

“We were about 30 feet away when we took the pictures. The lens was a 60 by 200 zoom on my Nikon camera. I want to take a photography class now as I want to learn how to use the camera and make adjustments.

“I have never seen them before. I think I read in the Seattle paper that they were last here in 2006 and come every 5-6 years. I had never seen them before. It was WAY FUN! …

“Heron pictures were taken at Luhr Park which is just west and a bit north of Nisqually. It faces Anderson Island. It took my friend Kelly and I a good hour to find it because we did not have a GPS. …

“We originally went there in search of the snowy owls which a friend of hers had spotted on the Nisqually Reach from Luhr Park. We saw the heron, a huge eagle sitting on a post and lots of gulls and ducks. However, no snowy owl. My friend had a scope and we could see the eagle so well with it. I would like to get one.” ~Dawn (McHugh)


Of Wood Ducks

I’d like to see a show of hands: how many of you have Wood Ducks as regular visitors to your bird feeders?

Richard Hendricks have a full brace of regularly visiting Wood Ducks. Way cool.

(I want some! Seriously! Come to my house, heeeeere, ducky ducky ducky!)

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