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Winlock’s Veteran’s Day Parade

Better late than never! I had forgotten about this batch of photos until this morning — and for shame! Who could forget about the vets??

Winlock puts on one heck of a Veteran’s Day celebration each year. Here are some of the highlights of the day …

Onlookers line the streets of Winlock as the Veterans Day Parade began at noon on Saturday afternoon, Nov. 5.

Navy veteran Arnold Knab snaps a shot of the eagle Freedom as he is paraded through Winlock.

I enjoyed watching the parade participants interact with the crowd, the Knights of Columbus were a well-dressed and proud crowd!

The Colonel and County Commissioner, Ron Averill.

Miss Liberty 2012, Samantha Rosbach, 14, Winlock, waves to the crowd.

Proud Air Force mom of Kristy Costello.

The Veterans Memorial Museum, my heros.

Veterans Museum founder, Lee Grimes, escorts WWII, U.S. Marine Corps veteran Cy Meyers, to lead the charge of the Veterans Museum’s host of military vehicles.

Hey! That’s my friend and fellow parishioner Pat Hogan on that mule. Hiya, Pat!

Korean War veteran Larry Campbell, Toledo, catches a prestigious ride in the back of a M274 Mule.

This Korean War vet spotted me and my camera looking right at him and a slightly embarrassed grin immediately covered his face. I love this shot. What a handsome fella!

The girl with the umbrella really makes this shot! Love the poof of exhaust coming from the back of the truck too.

The beauty queen and the biker. An instant classic.

And you gotta love the goat! Even the goats in Winlock are patriotic.

After the parade, everyone headed over to the Olequa Senior Center for some chicken and the communion of friends in community. There’s only one thing better than reporting on a parade, it’s getting to EAT afterwards!

Marlene Stajduhar, Olequa Senior Center volunteer, serves lunch to June Bolden, Bonnie Zwiefelhofer and 4-year-old Auston Snell after the Veterans Day Parade in Winlock on Saturday afternoon. Auston’s father Toby Snell is currently serving his country, a star with his name was displayed at the senior center on Saturday, along with the many other Winlock resident heros.

Marlene Stajduhar, a new resident to Winlock, serves up plate of baked chicken, beans, potato, roll and then later dessert to veterans, family and fans of veterans, at the Olequa Senior Center fundraiser Saturday afternoon after the Veterans Day Parade in Winlock.

Sgt. Randy Pennington, currently with the Toledo police department and former member of the 101st Airborne, recites a touching poem he had written about “the forgotten veterans,” the nurses that served in wartime.

You can ready Pennington’s poem here: Reunion With an Angel.

Who says cops prefer doughnuts? These south Lewis County cops like pie! 😛

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